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Transparent Acrylic Shell Protective Case for Banana Pro

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This product is made of 11 pieces 3mm acrylic plates; each one has its own interface buckle. It's a transparent case for Banana Pro.

  • High Quality Acrylic Case Box For Banana Pro
  • Module new and high quality
  • This professional acrylic Banana Pi Case can protect you Banana Pi perfectly from rogue wires that might short it out while still allowing full access to the board
  • Provides slots to access the ,USB ports,SD card,composite video, audio, and other peripheral connectors as well as vents to ensure the board gets proper cooling.
  • Simply to install,ultra lightweight Box only, the Banana Pro not included


  • This is just a case, not include the Banana Pi Android Development Board Module!
  • When you install this case, please tear off the film on both of surfaces, then it looks transparent and smooth.

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