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Soldered Digital DDS Function Signal Generator Module Sine Squar x 2

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  • Main AVR DDS V2.0 signal generator features:
  • Simple circuit ;
  • Dedicated high speed (HS) signal output up to 8MHz;
  • DDS signal with variable amplitude and offset;
  • DDS signals: sine, square, saw, rev saw, triangle, ECG and noise.
  • 2×16 LCD menu;
  • Intuitive 5 button keypad.
  • Frequency adjusting steps: 1, 10, 100, 1000, 10000Hz;
  • Restoring last configuration after power up.

Package List :

  • 1 x DDS Function Signal Generator Module Sine Square Sawtooth Triangle Wave

Note: This is not DIY Kits, it has been soldered.

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